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Power Flush

Power flush Streatham, South London

  •     Noisy Boiler
  •     Radiators feel half cold
  •     Noise in the pipes
  •     Black water coming from the radiators
  •     Pump failure
  •     The house takes a long time to heat up
  •     Boiler keeps shutting down and needs to be re-set

Any of these symptoms could indicate that your central heating system has circulation problems, due to the scale, sludge or corrosion in your system (these symptoms are also evident there are other boiler/heating faults please ensure you seek professional advice prior to booking a Power Flush).

Overtime your central heating system can become blocked and restrict the flow to your radiators, putting a strain on your boiler and the efficiency and effectiveness of your central heating.

Power flushing can remove all these problems, and restore the system to have a better circulation and efficiency. It can also help prevent other problems like leaking radiators, rusty radiators and even help reduce energy bills.

Prices from £290.00 inc vat. Prices vary with size of property and number of radiators.